Saturday, December 20, 2008

My big fat middle eastern dinner ...

Ok, so Monday Dec. 8th was Eid -Al Adha. And of course I had to work. And since then I have been crazy busy so I haven't gotten around to making a big fabulous Eid dinner until today . Back home for Eid we always had food from Sultans, which is the best Lebanese restaurant in East Lansing. So since there are like -0 Lebanese places here I decided to hook up my own fabulous dinner and it turned out awesome. Since this dinner was so fabulous and yummy there will be several posts for this dinner, 1 for each dish..also I need to do multiple so that the whole labeling thing does not get all messed up. So I was able to find some authentic recipes and ended up making : Lebanese rice , Shish Tahouk Chicken, Tabbouleh (salad), Lamb Samosa , Hummus, and fat-free brownies. This meal was so yummy defiantly will make everything again. 5 stars. And low in fat. (well not the Samosa but everything else)

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