Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Master Cleanse

Ok so wont I be posting for awhile ...i know slacker girl, I was cooking few weeks ago I will update my blog soon with more recipes and pictures. Currently I am on the Master Cleanse. Its not really anything I cook, well if you count fresh squeeze lemons for the juice but I still wanted to blog on it. So far its been great. I am on day 10 of possibly 14 or 21 depending on how the days go. For those that are not familiar the Master cleanse or lemondade diet is a great detox which has been around for along time (give or take 40 yrs). So far I have lost 11.5 lbs. Although that wasnt my goal on the cleanse. I really want to stress that this is not a diet but a detox to purify your body and purge yourself from all that back junk and toxins you have built up. After I had a gluttony fest for thanksgiving I decided now was a good time as ever to do the cleanse. Also , there are lots of health benefits associated with detoxing , relieving yourself of body aches, allergies, headaches, eliminates waste, helps build a healthy blood stream, helps purify the glands, cells, and kidneys during this time. These are the claims , so far I am feeling great lots of energy so my experience the claims are true. A few days before the cleanse I went to see an allergy specialist for my eczema and sinus allergies . And surprise , she loaded me up with meds and sent me on my way. Well , I haven't even got the prescriptions filled let alone take the meds. But since I have been on the cleanse 10days now have lost 11.5lbs and no allergies, no sneezing, no eczema , skin is clear, hair is so shinny. AND lots of energy so will I always go the natural route from here on. The above picture is everything you need to get started water, organic lemons, organic Grade B Maple Syrup, Senna tea the flavored kind is good tasty.Cayenne pepper and salt.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Back to nature heal*thy self from the inside out. Inshallah!

Yvonne said...

This is a great idea. I've wanted to do it many times... Glad you posted about it. All of us foodies probably need it, ha!ha!

By the way, thank you for your comment on my site. That's actually my old site, I am self-hosting the same blog at: http://www.myhalalkitchen.com.

Hopefully it's much better than before, insha'allah ;-)