Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fitness is a journey

I'm so excited . I decided to switch up my normal boring workout routine and will be starting slim in six from beach body. Usually I am not one to give in to the late night infomercials , BUT my friend Kenny and beach body Coach, put me on to the whole beach body wonderfulness (which im sure isn't a word ). The beach body has a series of workouts P90x, Turbo Jam, slim in 6, Chalene Extreme , Hiphop Abs , just a few fabulous intense workouts in the series. Once I complete the slim in six program I will be moving on to others in the beach body series. The slim in six is an intense 6 week workout program where you workout for six days a week for 6 weeks. After reading lots and lots of reviews and seeing Kenny's results on the P90x I decided to give the beach body workouts a try. I have ordered it and it should be arriving any day now. I will be updating my blog on the progress. Here is a little video of the wonderful beach body products I will give reviews on the programs as I do them. Also anyone interested in P90x check out Kens blog he is having great results with it.

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I really like this video!