Wednesday, May 19, 2010

High protien Parfait

Ok so, I have really been slacking on this amazing blog. But for good reason. This semester has been crazy, and it is finally over. I'm free, free at last. That's cause enough for celebration. Oh did I mention I graduated this past week. Yeah I know , I'm kinda a big deal. Ok, back to reality. I still have been cooking this whole time during crunch time and finals. Nothing extra special, no 5 course award winning meals coming out this kitchen this last month but still tasty. So the next couple of post will be updates of what I made , quick easy dishes, that I had no time to blog about.

Prior to this post, lots of my updates have been filled with chocolate, something fating, or something with melted cheese on it. Its not that I don't eat healthy, I do I promise, its just no time for updates. Anyhoo during this semester this was one of my favorite things for breakfast. Much better than the little .99 cent fruit and yogurt parfait from MickyDs. Start with 6-80z of Greek Yogurt. Must get the Greek kind has 13g of protein in it. Add strawberries, bananas, more yogurt and sprinkle with granola cereal. This little breakfast combo kept me energized and full for hours of studying. And was High in protein, and low in fat, a great combination.


mr. pineapple man said...

always wanted to try the greek yogurt...must try it soon!

Semperk said...

Looks good Yummy! Gonna have to give it a try soon. 8)