Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Strawberry-Mango Parfait

Ok so wanted something quick and easy for breakfast. So decided to make this yummy parfait.
Ingredients :
Vanilla yogurt (used Activa light fat free yogurt )
Granola (used Almond Vanilla granola cereal Trader Joes brand)
4- fresh strawberries
1/5 mango sliced and diced.
Cool Whip (fat free light)
Directions : Add yogurt to bottom of dish, then granola, top with fruit and cool whip. This recipe is crazy easy my 4 year old niece can make it. Also its virtually fat free, great breakfast or anytime healthy snack any fruit can be used, I also make it with pineapples and Mandarin oranges if i don't have fresh fruit on hand.

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Anonymous said...

Salams Khadija This one looks very yummy and healthy. Zainah likes the cupcake recipe at the top of the page. Very creative and colorful site, nice picutres. Artist Khadija!